Collective Worship

Acts of collective worship provide opportunities for the school community of diverse individuals from different family and faith backgrounds to meet together. In order to develop this aim acts of collective worship should:

  • promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils;
  • be constant with the aims of the school;
  • be quality learning opportunities relevant to the pupils' experience;
  • foster a sense of group identity and provide experiences of being part of a community, sharing the values of the school;
  • provide a time for reflection on spiritual and moral issues and values; pausing from immediate concerns to consider fundamental questions and the importance of religious beliefs to those who hold them;
  • provide opportunities for pupils to consider and explore their own beliefs and those of other people;
  • promote respect for the integrity of individuals and faiths;
  • provide opportunities for pupils to worship if they so wish;
  • encourage participation and response, for example through active involvement or listening;
  • provide opportunites to celebrate such things as achievement and special occasions, and to share feelings such as thankfulness, joy, friendship, sadness or hope.
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