We provide services to support Initial Teacher Training and Continuing Professional Development. We’re committed to excellent classroom practice. This section of the website hosts films that will support initial teacher training (ITT) and continuing professional development (CPD). The films show how the Birmingham Syllabus looks in practice, to learners and their teachers. Each film features an entire lesson with little editing. In both films, you will see how children are totally engaged and motivated by this new approach.

 The films are free for all to use, but we’d encourage you to sign in and purchase the resources that are featured in the lessons to make best use of the experience.

There a second version of the film is provided where a discussion panel reviews the lesson, bringing out teaching and assessment points. A third version looks at the lesson from the point of view of initial teacher trainers, and a fourth will help faith leaders in communities connect with how RE is taught in Birmingham Schools.

The primary film features a year 3 class and the disposition ‘Participating and Willing to Lead'.  The secondary film features a year 9 class and looks at ‘Being Accountable and Living with Integrity’.