Parents, Governors & SACREs

This film is designed for parents and gives an overview of the Birmingham Syllabus and parents’ views and endorsements, as well as the endorsements from the Chief Education Officer and the Cabinet Member responsible for Education in this City.

Governors may find the overview useful as a starting point for devising their policies pertaining to Religious Education and Collective Worship in their school. Governors need to understand that Religious Education is required to be offered in school by law and together with the National Curriculum it is part of the Basic Curriculum which every school must deliver in England. The full statutory agreed syllabus, available on this site, gives formal directions for Religious Education for the City of Birmingham. It includes statements of purpose, policy, method, content and intended outcomes which could be adopted by other SACREs. A main purpose of the syllabus is to nurture and educate children. It seeks to help them to grow up to live a fulfilled life and to develop the values that will sustain them and the community in which they live.

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The emphasis of this syllabus is on what religious traditions have to offer children and young people in the process of learning to live well. By registering on the website there is access to a free route to exemplars that allows you to review planning documents, a lesson plan and the quality of the resources that this syllabus provides. Click on primary or secondary to follow this function. To understand more deeply the policies and principles informing this syllabus click on Parents, Governors & SACREs. Birmingham offers a service to help schools plan and deliver Religious Education. It offers a second service for collective worship in schools. Click contact for details of these services with an indication of possible charges. Finally, for parents and governors, if there are issues of conscience parents, guardians or carers may legally withdraw their child from the education envisaged here. This is a serious step and we would strongly urge that parents are given every opportunity to discuss their concerns in confidence with the headteacher. Again, additional information and advice is available by contacting  Birmingham SACRE.

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Councillor Les Lawrence, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and families on Birmingham City Council says, “My message to parents is to allow your youngster to engage with the syllabus. It will bring a body of knowledge, a body of understanding and an appreciation that I would argue no other curriculum subject can do.”