Popular downloads to assist with managing religion in schools and Teaching and Learning in RE and Collective Worship

Birmingham SACRE provides a number of documents to assist schools in response to requests from teachers and headteachers.

These are available free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing RE, Collective Worship and Religious Education £0.00

This highly informative 12 page A4 brochure is an essential read for any school, but especially for those where many heritage groups and faiths are represented.

Our advisers and consultants have brought together the answers to those questions that are the most frequent from headteachers and governors seeking advice on matters of religion.

They have been divided into three groups:

  • Religious Education
  • Collective Worship
  • Religious Adherence

The advice is backed by a series of very helpful active web links, easily accessible by just clicking on the relevant symbol in the active PDF file. Of course, the file can be used off-line and printed.

The questions are listed on the third page of the brochure, reproduced here.

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Guidance on Visiting Places of Worship in and Around Birmingham £0.00

Completely revised in 2017, this popular brochure contains an up to date list of places of worship which are known to promote educational visits.

The brochure helps with preparations for a visit, guides teachers through making the most from a visit and makes links to The Dispositions of the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus.

Considerations for visits from what to look for through to how to dress and behave are explained for seven faiths.

There’s help with follow up activities and in overcoming parental anxieties.

Further information can be found within the lesson resources, available at £1 per lesson in the ‘Teaching and Learning’ section and from The Faith Encounter Programme at www.faithencounter.org.uk.

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