Monitoring the Delivery of RE in Birmingham

In 2015/16, Birmingham City Council is undertaking monitoring of the delivery of RE and Collective Worship across all the schools in the city, including all free schools and independent schools. In this section, you'll find copies of all the relevant documents as these are published.

LettertoHTs-SACREFeb2015-2.pdf309.04 KB
SACRE_APPENDIX_Further information for all schools on the audit of RE.pdf415.92 KB
SACRE_APPENDIX_Letter from service director Sally Taylor.pdf231.22 KB
SACRE_APPENDIX_SURVEY_Primary_Consolidated_20170313.pdf176.68 KB
SACRE_APPENDIX_Verification Table. SACRE Monitoring and Evaluation 2015-2017.xlsx26.43 KB
SACRE_Monitoring_and_Evaluation_of_RE and_CW_2017.pdf2.84 MB
SACRE_APPENDIX_SURVEY_Secondary_Consolidated_20170313.pdf179.63 KB