Is This It?


Objective: To look at ways in which Christians today find meanings, hopes and challenges in the New Testament Gospel accounts and stories of Jesus particularly those associated with Easter and resurrection. For learners to examine and reflect on other sources of human meaning, challenge and hope in the light of their own lives.

 Key Questions: Is joy a choice or a feeling? How do Christians express joy? For what/whom are we grateful? How do Christians demonstrate gratitude? Is truth ever too challenging? Will we ever know the whole truth? How do Christians identify and understand the concept of truth?

By the end of this unit:

All learners will: compare and contrast some of the stories, beliefs and teachings associated with Easter and show that they understand some of the ways the Easter stories offer meaning for the lives of Christians today; respond in writing to questions about life after death, and to some Christian answers to these questions, and explain some Christian perspectives, eg on the purpose of Jesus’ life and death; compare and contrast some responses to the Biblical resurrection stories; identify other people’s beliefs and express their views, explaining their reasons; express what makes them joyful and relate their insight to their study of Christianity; explain why they agree or disagree with other views about life after death. 

 Most learners will: show their knowledge and understanding of Easter and Christian beliefs; identify and consider some basic questions about human experience posed in the Easter stories and celebrations.

Some learners will: evaluate the Christian belief that Jesus is alive; explain some Easter celebrations; begin to explain the development of Christian practice and ways of life in relation to their historical and cultural contexts; express their understanding of Christian perspectives on hope, joy and truth.

N.B. many lessons are accompanied by short film clips which you may find useful as a part of your lesson.

Is This It? - KS3 - Christianity - Lesson 1-2 of 6

To explore; what happened at the first Easter;

• the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ resurrection and appearances to his followers;

• a range of contemporary responses to these accounts, eg Josephus.

• Is the truth ever too challenging?

Lesson items

    • Lesson Plan
Is This It? - KS3 - Christianity - Lesson 3 of 6

To explore:

 • the meaning of Resurrection;

• some of the ways in which Christians express their hopes and beliefs about Resurrection, e.g. through art, music or in words;

• some of the ways Christians link Easter to their hopes for the future.

• learners to respond with their hopes for the future

Lesson items

    • Lesson Plan
    • Film clip - Christian artist
    • Film clip - Christian choir
Is This It? - KS3 - Christianity - Lesson 4-5 of 6

To explore beliefs about life after death:

• the variety of ways in which humans experiences associated with death, loss and hope, and meaning in life are expressed

• to consider the question

Where do people find hope for the future?

• to reflect on their own response to human experience of life and death

• Will we ever know the whole truth?

Lesson items

    • Lesson Plan
    • Film clip - Paul and Barney's place
    • Film clip - Christian solicitor
Is This It? - KS3 - Christianity - Lesson 6 of 6

To consider:

• what the resurrection of Jesus means for Christians today;

• how the events of the first Easter Day are celebrated by different groups of Christians in the contemporary world

• why Christians celebrate Easter

• What do I/we hope for?

Lesson items

    • Lesson Plan
    • Film clip - The Unforgiving Servant puppet show
    • Film clip - Young Christians at Greenbelt festival
    • Film clip - Remembering roots in Christianity