Free Workshops Exploring Faith, Belief & Identity in the Classroom

3FF is a leading British Interfaith Charity that has been committed to building good relations between people of different faiths, beliefs and cultures for the last 20 years. Currently we reach over 12,000 young people a year with our award winning Workshops.

To succeed in today's complex and diverse world, it is vital that young people feel empowered to communicate sensitively and effectively with people of all faiths and non-religious beliefs. Our interactive interfaith workshops support RE, PSHE and Citizenship curricula as well as the provision of SMSC in schools and colleges. 

Our activities are also proven to help young people build religious literacy, empathy and skills for dialogue and communication.

3FF workshops are suitable for all year groups and ability levels from Key Stage 2 upwards. The workshops run within your timetable and focus on the needs of your students. 

To find out more and apply online please visit Or contact 3FF directly on 0207 485 1390 or via email