Peer Mediation Training for Primary Schools - Substantial bursaries available

Peer Mediation Training for Primary Schools - Substantial bursaries available, please refer to below:

Thanks to a successful funding application, we are able to offer Peer Mediation Training at a substantially reduced cost, to primary schools which do not currently have a scheme.

Peer mediators are young people [usually Yr 5/6] who are trained to mediate disputes on the playground.  A school mediation service is run by volunteer pupils, supported by a member of staff.  The service encourages pupils to turn to mediation to resolve conflict, before things escalate, and in the process, helps them to find solutions that work best for them. Mediation is a proven way of solving conflict.  Peer mediation models this to children at school, and teaches valuable life skills to both the mediators and those children using the service. 

Our training and support materials, can help you set up a service in your school.  Peacemakers is a member of the national Peer Mediation Network, and we adhere to their best practice guidelines. Our training is also approved by the College of Mediators. 

What's Included? 

  • A prelim meeting either in person or by phone 
  • Resources to help you set up the scheme and to support you after the training
  • 3 days training for up to 24 pupils and your lead member of staff
  • A staff meeting to update your team on what's involved
  • Support with a whole school assembly
  • Certificates for your mediators
  • The option to join the College of Mediators as Youth Members. 

The usual cost is £1200. Our funded special offer is £300 in total. We may ask to visit you at some point after the training, for evaluation purposes.  We can only offer this to a limited number of schools in the West Midlands, who do not have an existing peer mediation scheme, in Spring/Summer 2020.  Please email to find out more.