Birmingham City Mission - Easter Assembly Video now Available for Secondary Schools

Birmingham City Mission’s Easter ‘Hope’ assembly video for secondary schools is now available for download. The video is presented by staff and volunteers of BCM’s youth team and it is nearly 9 minutes long. The video is available to play to students before (or, equally, after) Easter. 

The assembly is a presentation of what Christians (including BCM staff) believe about Easter and universal themes are covered. The video mentions a few points of application. One of them where BCM invite students who may be fearful or feel that there is no hope to talk to someone who is safe especially yourselves as teachers. BCM also talk about how all can receive and give hope and help to people in simple practical ways. BCM has sought to support people in need in Birmingham and outlying areas during the pandemic.

Please click HERE to download the Easter 'Hope' assembly video

It is not possible to watch the video in your web browsers, so staff members will need to ensure they download the video well in advance.


If after viewing the video you and colleagues could spare 2 minutes to complete some short feedback BCM would be grateful. Please click HERE for feedback.