Free Easter Resources from Lift the Lid

Lift the Lid are offering two new free Easter e-resources for pupils of primary and secondary schools. These invaluable resources have been designed specifically for use in schools and are full of information to help students gain a better understanding of the events of the first Easter. Both resources come with teachers notes and worksheets.

The Story of Easter e-book is a chronological biblical account of Easter taking extracts from three of the gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) for primary school pupils. On the left hand pages are pictures with a summarised text which may be more suitable for younger children or to help less confident readers access the story independently. The Bible text on the right hand pages can be used with older or more confident readers. With the glossary and fact files, there is plenty to discuss as children learn more about the first Easter and its historical and biblical context.

Click here to download free The Story of Easter Digital Resource | Lift the Lid


The Case of the Missing Body Interactive Presentation for secondary schools provides a unique opportunity to consider the evidence of the last days of Jesus’ life in the format of a police investigation. This step-by-step investigative activity is an engaging and thought-provoking e-resource that considers the death and resurrection of Jesus in a unique and creative way, with photographic evidence and eye witness accounts that will generate discussion and encourage further exploration about the significance for Christians today.

Click here to download free The Case of the Missing Body Interactive Presentation | Lift the Lid