Accredited Resource from Lift the Lid now available

A Lift the Lid resource has been given an accreditation mark by Understanding Christianity.The Church of England Office project, Understanding Christianity is a substantial resources which supports the teaching of Christianity in Religious Education for pupils from 4-14years of age.

The resource How Did The World Begin? is aimed at pupils in key stage 2, is a discussion-based resource which can work as teacher-led class discussion, in smaller groups or as a debate activity. Also included are suggestions as to how the teacher could develop research and debate further.

How Did The World Begin is an investigation activity which considers three different points of view about the origins of the universe and life: The Big Bang Theory, The Theory of Evolution and The Theory of Creationism. Information on each view point is presented in a colourful and interactive presentation which includes generic, open questions which encourage ideas of faith and belief, proof and evidence, as well as digging deeper questions linked to the specific theories for the more curious pupil.

If you are looking for a colourful, engaging and thought-provking resource to support your teaching on Creation this term then click here