Why Compassion? - A workshop for 14 to 18 year olds from Compassion Matters

Compassion Matters are offering an engaging 'Why Compassion?' presentations and workshops for school staff and senior students (14-18-year-olds), introducing compassion education and related concepts along with our Compassion Matters learning resources.

Each Compassion Matters presentation/workshop provides an opportunity for young people to explore why compassion is integral for personal and societal wellbeing, the research behind compassion interventions and practical wellbeing skills to use every day.

These sessions are available face to face or online and provide an excellent addition to any schools wellbeing provision for 2021/22. To book their new 'Why Compassion?' workshops for 14-18-year-olds please email jimi@compassion-matters.org or for further information please see the attached PDF.


Along with new workshops, they are close to launching their new video teachers guide and develop a new 'Justice' module and finishing our Compassion for Teachers course. Please visit their website for further information https://compassion-matters.org


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