The Faith & Belief Forum have two amazing opportunities for Primary and Secondary Schools to get involved in their projects

The Faith & Belief Forum are looking for schools to join their School Linking Programme. The Faith & Belief Forum’s linking programme is run as part of The Linking Network; the programme’s focus is to equip teachers with the skills, knowledge and support to provide these opportunities for their students to hear from students from different faiths or communities. The teachers involved will be partnered with another teacher and class, who they will be working over the course of an academic year, to plan three ‘Link’ days exploring themes of identity, diversity and community.

Secondly, they also have some funding to deliver a limited number of free workshops in 21/22 for schools in Camden, Brent, Ealing and Birmingham, some of which are reserved exclusively for schools signed up to our Schools Linking Programme. Our Encountering Faiths & Beliefs Workshops are F&BF‘s flagship workshop that bring real-life experiences of faith, belief and identity into the classroom via a panel of trained speakers that your students can engage with in a Q&A. To apply for these workshops please complete this bookings form and for any enquire please contact

Finally, they have 3 School Linking open days coming up at the end of this term… it is a great opportunity for teachers and their class to experience some school Linking activities. The open day is being held on zoom. Sign-up is taking place now! More information can be found by following this Link