Support for RE teachers in teaching about the Holocaust

The Holocaust Educational Trust are asking you to share, with RE teachers in your SACRE area, details of the Holocaust Educational Trust's educational programmes for primary and secondary school teachers and trainees. Details of these programmes can be found at

The Holocaust and the RE curriculum

Teaching about aspects of the Holocaust in RE lessons can help students explore:

  • The connections between beliefs – both religious and secular – and actions.
  • Moral dilemmas and choices, and the factors which can influence them.
  • Responses to ‘fundamental’ questions such as the nature and causes of suffering and ‘evil’, and – ultimately – what it means to be human.
  • The interaction, and sometimes conflict, between different faiths and/or belief systems. 
  • Individual and collective identity.

It can also support students in practising essential skills:

  • Understanding and scrutiny of the beliefs of others.
  • Critical investigation of contrasting viewpoints, with an ability to reach reasoned judgements, and a willingness to challenge preconceptions.
  • Interpretation of a range of sources to be able to reach and justify independent opinions.
  • Effective communication of emotions and opinions.
  • Reflection on the nature and meaning of morality and on the importance of moral choices.


Teacher Training 

The Holocaust Educational Trust offers free training for teachers at all stages of their careers. For further information please see attached or details of teacher training programmes can be found at:

RE teachers from your area are invited to register for any of our upcoming online seminars and virtual teacher study visits, or to register their interest in our 2021-22 residential courses. These include our Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course, our Teacher Study Visit to Vienna, and our Annual Teacher Training Course at Yad Vashem

To register interest in a session or course, or to book a bespoke teacher training workshop, please email


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