Path (I.e. from suffering to happiness)

Why do we suffer?


Objective: To consider a variety of forms of suffering, consider how religious people respond to suffering and how this might lead people to ask “fundamental questions”, to reflect on suffering and the impact that it has in our lives today.

Key Questions: How do we cause/contribute to suffering? How have Christians and Buddhists responded to suffering? Is curiosity a good thing? How do Christians and Buddhists show they value knowledge and what do they mean by “know”?

By the end of this unit:

What is Buddhist enlightenment?


Objective: While there are many pathways to discovering the truth, some scientific and others spiritual, the objective of these three lessons is to get some understanding of how Buddhists, even today and even in the modern West, follow a Path to understanding of the Truth outlined by Shakyamuni Buddha two and a half thousand years ago in India.